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Azores Islands: Get Away With The Timeless Beauty Of Portugal Region 

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azores islands
azores islands

The Azores is a popular archipelago in the Portugal region, formed by nine magnificent islands that have stood breathless for centuries. There is nothing like comparing the natural beauty of islands. Like most of the islands around the world, the Azores Islands are full of endless adventures to explore, a wide variety of natural beauty to admire, and a warm climate to spend your holidays in. 

If you are an adventurous person the islands in this region are the best to explore. There is so much to discover, so much to learn, so much to try, and also so much to admire around the islands. Even if you are not an adventurous person the Azores Islands are destined to leave you stunned. Moreover, if you are planning to explore something more on a holiday, we highly recommend taking the step of faith and diving into the world of Azores Portugal’s Islands. 

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1. Why Travel with GetYourGuide to the Azores Islands? 

There is nothing like having a tour guide who knows how to make the best of your holidays. If you are new to the regional island in Portugal, it could be challenging to get everything ready in a short span of time. With over years of experience taking travels from different countries, GetYourGuide as a travel guide has discovered the gems of these islands. 

Experience the best tour activities without wasting any time in discovering the best places and in cheap and budget-friendly packages with endless tour activities, insightful cultural information, and more. Individuals traveling to the islands won’t have to worry about what places and things to do on the Azores islands. 

For instance, GetYourGuide has:

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2. Top places to visit while you are in the Magnificent Azores Islands 

1. Visit the incredible Sete Cidades

Visit the incredible Sete Cidades | Thewebhunting
Visit the incredible Sete Cidades | Thewebhunting

It’s truly a must-visit place in the Azores since the place is filled with incredible natural beauty. It’s said that Sete Cidages has its own unique charm and beauty for all the visitors. The lush green forests, the beautiful breathless sunset, and the picturesque sight across the place make it the best place to feel rejuvenated.

Simply get your hands on the local cuisine in the charming village of Sao Miguel, with a view to enjoy the food with. You can always dig into the traditional culture of the locals by associating with them. If you are with your loved ones, you can enhance that time together with the stunning lakes in the evening where you can witness endless picturesque sights. The Sete Cidades is the place to escape from bustling city life and enjoy the blessings that nature showers on us.

2. Explore the Pico Island 

Pico Island has the highest mountain in the Azores called Ponda do Pico, which we recommend as the best place to visit. The island has impeccable natural beauty with matchless breathtaking views where individuals who love hiking can enjoy hiking up the mountains. 

The island is also known for having beautiful vineyards where vines are cultivated in lava rock walls. It’s something majestic to explore since vineyards are not generally grown in lava rock walls. But these intentional rock walls keep Atlantic winds from penetrating the vines. The intriguing Pico vineyards are part of UNESCO world heritage. Pico Island has so many other adventurous things to do.

3. Explore the Faial Island 

Explore the Faial Island | Thewebhunting
Explore the Faial Island | Thewebhunting

The next island to explore is Faial Island. This amazing island is full of picturesque beauty, and natural landscapes that speak of wonders. Do not miss visiting Horta, the island’s famous stop for the sailors who cross the Atlantic. This area is something to be appreciated from exotic murals which are said to have been painted by sailors to Capelinhos Volcano Interpretation Center if you are keen on learning more about volcanic eruptions in the Azores.

Faial Island has so many wonderful places to explore. These places are filled with natural landscapes, history, culture, diversity, and pleasant weather for a peaceful vacation experience. Your vacation is likely to be memorable as you take your time to explore one place at a time In Faial Island  and admire its beauty.

4. Explore Santa Maria Island 

One can find the best gems on this island. It’s one of the most dazzling Azores Islands to explore. The island has what one might say is heavenly picturesque beauty. Full of natural landscapes that inspire visitors. The beaches on Santa Maria Island are full of vacation vibes. You can also find the best resorts around the beaches where you can spend a memorable time with your loved ones, families, and friends. For instance, try to visit Formosa and Sao Lourenco Bay for a soothing relaxing experience. 

Santa Maria Island can be a crowded island during its peak season, when travelers across different countries come to visit the Island. The island is excellent for taking photographic tours around the island. Let your natural instinct for adventure come alive.

5. Explore Flores Island 

Explore Flores Island | Thewebhunting
Explore Flores Island | Thewebhunting

Flores Island is known for having impressive waterfalls and is full of greenery and lush vegetation. If you are keen on exploring natural vegetation, and also for stunning waterfalls to capture in the Azores Portugal, exploring Flores Island is a must. It’s a paradise on earth. Throughout the year, the island blossoms with beautiful vegetation. The endless serene scenery is something to admire. Hence it’s also the most visited island in the Azores.

6. Explore Corvo Island 

The Corvo Island has a small population located on the northernmost island of the Azores archipelago. The island has extensive natural landscapes. It’s an island where you want to get lost and never want to come out of it. The interesting thing the island has for its visitors is the lush vegetation, hospitable local culture, and a large population of seabirds that surround the island. It’s like getting away to the end of the earth where you have finally experienced the ultimate enlightenment.


These are some best Azores Islands to explore if you are visiting the Region of Portugal. What makes the Azores Islands special is the never-ending exploration, adventures, and unique picturesque beauty. Nevertheless, to make your travel less stressful yet full of adventure driving GetYourGuide helps to make your travel experience outstanding. With cost-effective tour packages, you can not only save money on travel but also make memories that you want to cherish. For more information on the Azores Islands visit Heybucketlist


Why is the Azores famous to visit?
The Azores is on the second list of UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. it’s a well known region in Portugal because of its many magnificent islands. For instance, Pico Island has vineyards with vines protected by lava rock walls. It also produces the highest wine quality in all of Europe hence.
What makes the Azores expensive?
The Azores are not expensive places to visit in the region of Portugal. It is comparatively an affordable place to visit with pretty affordable hotels food, and transportation. Generally, you can expect a night in a good hotel to be around $100 USD.
What is the best time to go on a holiday in the Azores islands?
The best time for an individual to visit the Azores is the late Spring to early Autumn. This is mainly because the weather is pleasant, you can witness the best natural landscapes during this time. 

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