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Discover The Hidden Gems: The Best Beaches In Massachusetts

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best beaches in massachusetts
best beaches in massachusetts | heybucketlist

Most people often think of Boston whenever Massachusetts is the centre of the talk. However, it is more than that. Boasting a coastline of 200 miles, it is equally famous for its Best Beaches In Massachusetts. The Bay State has serene and secluded beaches along with more holiday-friendly and crowded beaches. As you will agree, everyone has a different beach persona. There is a beach for every one of them – whether it is a wave rider, beach game initiator, tranquil tanner, nature enthusiast, book reader, or an entirely different one. You can always pack a bag, have your sunglasses on, and set out to explore the best beaches in Massachusetts whenever you long for the shores. 

The list of Massachusetts beaches is quite long, with some perennial and others under-the-radar spots. There are various beach types – freshwater and saltwater beaches, beaches close to the best seafood spots, beaches to catch waves, beaches from where you can catch breathtaking views, boardwalks, lighthouses, beachcombing, hiking trails, and much more. Read on to find the best beaches in Massachusetts. 

The best beaches in Massachusetts 

Massachusetts is perfect for your summer holidays, and getting surrounded by waters and the best beaches in Massachusetts will make your trip even more fun and memorable. 

1. Crane Beach 

Crane Beach 
Crane Beach | heybucketlist

A part of Crane Estate, the beach is a pristine stretch of sand backed by beach grass and dunes. It is rightly considered one of the best beaches in Massachusetts, offering a breathtaking view, lying along Ipswich Bay. Being a protected part of a conservation site, marshes, maritime forests, and gorgeous dunes adorn its shores. 

It is bordered by calm, soft, and clean waters. Children love swimming and playing volleyball on the sand. For hike-beasts, there is a hiking trail of more than 4 miles with unspoiled and untouched surroundings, crossing the dunes and marshes and passing through the pine forests. You can capture nature at its best at The Crane Beach, so it is not to be missed. It is among the best beaches in Massachusetts for families.

2. Chatham Lighthouse Beach 

Chatham Lighthouse Beach 
Chatham Lighthouse Beach | heybucketlist

Lying in the southeastern Cape God, the lovely Chatham Lighthouse Beach is on the list of the best beaches in Massachusetts. It is named after the Chatham Lighthouse that is toward its North. Of all the beaches on Cape Cod, it is the beach that gives a scenic view from its calm and peaceful waters. One of the main attractions of the beach is hiking, scenic views, and nature walks to Monomoy Island – a bird-watching site. The beach is more than just sun, sand, and swimming, and it is perfect for fishing and watching seals migrating every day. The lighthouse is also open for summer tours occasionally. 

The beach takes care of the security and safety of the tourists with different labelled areas for swimming. The red flag denotes prohibited swimming. Swimming on the southern coast is not recommended because of strong currents.

3. Singing Beach 

Singing Beach 
Singing Beach | heybucketlist

Away from the crowd of Boston and south of the Manchester-by-the-Sea, the beach claims to be musical. One may wonder why it is named the singing beach. The reason is simple: the beach sings. Under the right conditions, the sand grains rub off against each other, producing a singing sound. Along with this intriguing phenomenon, the beach boasts beautiful sands, views, and scenery. 

The half-mile stretch of the beach includes a bathhouse. It also houses a small bar where one can find light snacks. The beach also has public showers, bathrooms, and changing rooms. One can enjoy a swim at the designated swimming area. 

There is a designated area for enjoying sports. The upper area of the beach is covered with trees, perfect for those looking to get away from the sun. It is a perfect picnic spot. Captain Dusty’s post-beach ice creams are loved by everyone, especially children, with a long list of homemade flavours. 

4. Mayflower Beach

Mayflower Beach
Mayflower Beach | heybucketlist

The absolutely gorgeous Mayflower Beach has calmer and warmer waters and amazing scenery with beautiful views. It boasts all kinds of outdoor activities and amenities. The expansive tidal flats, pools, and many low-lying sandbars. The absolutely stunning sunsets are what make this one of the best beaches in Massachusetts for sunset seekers and photographers. You can play, picnic, and see the periwinkles. The scenic splendour of the beach attracts hordes of tourists.

5. Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach
Half Moon Beach | heybucketlist

The half-moon beach is in the shape of a crescent moon boasting clear blue waters. One can reach the sandy beach from the stone steps coming down from Stage Fort Park. The beach is surrounded by rock cliffs, adding more seclusion and calm to it. On climbing up these cliffs, one can get a vast view of the beach. The shallow waters sparkle brightly under the sunlight, giving it a Caribbean effect. The waves are small, perfect for children to swim, and as adults, they can enjoy the settings. There is a roadhouse eatery nearby where you can get some snacks.


The beaches mentioned above are only some of the best beaches in Massachusetts. The beaches are the talk of the town and the star destinations during the summer months, so you will find them crowded. You can include these beaches in your go-to list to enjoy to the fullest. Rest assured. The beach trip is bound to be a worthy hit for you. For more, you can visit VRBO and the official website of Heybucketlist


What is the most beautiful beach in Massachusetts?
The most beautiful beach in Massachusetts is Mayflower Beach, from where you can witness the most stunning sunsets. 
What is the clearest beach in Massachusetts?
Halfmoon is the best beach in Massachusetts, with some of the clearest waters that sparkle brightly under the sun. 
What is the most popular beach in Massachusetts?
Crane Beach is often referred to as the most popular and one of the best beaches in Massachusetts for the right reasons. It is perfect for family beach trips.

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