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The Best Beaches In New England For Your Summer Vacation

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Best Beaches In New England
Best Beaches In New England | Heybucketlist

Nature has its gateways to entertainment and serenity. One of the many miraculous ventures of nature lies in beaches. Beaches make one of the best tourist destinations around the world. Basking under the sun while reading your favorite novel to the sound of the waves and birds is anyone’s happy place. New England comes to mind when we think about a getaway to the best beaches in the US,  best beaches in new england. Visited every year by thousands of locals and tourists, New England beaches become one of the best summer colonies among others. Thus, when in New England, visiting the beach is imperative. This article takes you through the best beaches in New England that you can’t afford to miss. We also help you find the best hotels and villas to stop by near the beaches so you can have the best of your vacation time. Be it a solo trip or a trip with family and friends, this article caters to all the questions you have in mind before planning your vacation. 

Best beaches in New England

Here are the best beach towns in New England

1. Cape Cod Beaches

Cape Cod Beaches
Cape Cod Beaches | Heybucketlist

Cape Cod is the first one on our list of the best beaches in New England. Rich in intriguing history and pristine beaches, this Massachusetts town is one of the best tourist destinations. Summers are the best time to enjoy the beach with long queues of cars and large crowds. If crowds are your thing, this is the best beach to be. You can meet new people and families having their getaway from their busy lives.  

What makes Cape Cod Beach the best beach town in New England is its access to affordable hotels, condos, cottages, and houses nearby. There are a lot of vacation houses nearby filled in by hundreds of satisfied customers who visit Cape Cod.

 2. Hammonasset Beach State Park

What makes The Hammonasset Beach one of the best beaches in New England is the gentle surf and good weather. The beach is open to many fun water activities you’ve always loved. With a good fleet of assistants, swimming and surfing in the water is a common sight. There are also people hiking and camping on the shore. Anyone would love to be near the beach when in New England. Besides making it more accessible, it gives a good view of the scenery outside. Nearby beach-facing houses and cottages with room for a huge group with great amenities, make this beach more tempting.

3. Ogunquit Beach

Ogunquit Beach
Ogunquit Beach | Heybucketlist

Among the best beaches in New England is Ogunquit Beach in Maine. Unlike most rocky beaches in Maine, Ogunquit is a stretch of soft sand for a peaceful walk along the shore. The beach is also one of the favorite swimming spots for tourists visiting every summer. Another attraction to the beach is the adjacent village with its beautiful culture and history to be enjoyed. Most visitors have confirmed that the village is the main attraction to the beach after the soft sand,  best beaches in new england. With hundreds of cottages, houses, and villas with good views lining the shores, this beach is a catch for your vacation.

 4. Old Orchard Beach 

Old Orchard is one of the best beaches in New England to visit during your vacation. If you are too conscious of crowds and love to stroll through the beach alone or with loved ones, this beach is the one for you. Stretching 7 miles far, it has enough space for every lone wolf to lie under the sun and enjoy the view and serenity with the sound of water and distant birds in the sky. The center of attraction on the beach is The Pier for taking in the panoramic view of the sea. Other than the peace on the beach, nearby condos, and villas make it an even better place to be in. Lined with luxurious villas and cottages, the Old Orchard offers the best beach hotels in New England.

5. Rhode Island Sound Beach

Rhode Island Sound Beach 
Rhode Island Sound Beach  | Heybucketlist


Rhode Island Sound is one of the best beaches in New England for many reasons. Unlike all other beaches, this is one of the largest and warmest beaches in New England. Perfect weather for a perfect outing is everyone’s dream. The right temperature and serenity make it suitable for lounging activities in the water and surfing,  best beaches in new england. There are no stores on the beach which makes it a quiet and comfortable place to spend time with oneself and loved ones. Additionally, the beach is lined with beautiful villas, cottages, and houses among other lounging options which provide a lot of amenities to the guests.


New England is undoubtedly among the favorite tourist places of millions of people. Rich in history and culture, inhabited by native communities, and natural serenity, it becomes one of the best summer colonies. The main attraction is the good number of beaches it houses that brings a huge footfall to the town,  best beaches in new england. Beaches are everyone’s favorite, enjoyed by people of all age groups. For some, it’s a place for self-contemplation while some visit for a good time with family and friends. But choosing from all the beaches is a confusing task. We shortlist only the best beaches in New England according to your needs for a smooth vacation. Apart from enjoying the beaches, a good lodging experience is another priority of every person out for a vacation in New England. We take you through the best hotels, condos, villas, and cottages near every beach with a pleasant view and cooperating staff. For more information on the best beach in New England, visit VRBO and the official website of Heybucketlist


What is the nicest beach in New England?
Every individual has a different definition of a nice beach. Someone might like to be on a crowded and happening beach while someone might love to be by themselves. We present in the article the best in every kind of beach that you’d love to be in.
What beach has the warmest water in New England?
Most of the beaches are filled during the summer months. However, the warmest beach is Rhode Island Sound Beach in Rhode Island. It has a pleasant temperature that fits every person for having a good time at the beach. 
What is the most beautiful beach in Massachusetts?
Massachusetts has a good number of beaches in New England, Nantucket, and Martha’s Vineyard. As per popular reviews, Martha’s Vineyard has the most beautiful beaches in Massachusetts followed by beaches in New England. 

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