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Coverwise Travel Insurance: Your Complete Guide To Worry-Free Adventures

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coverwise travel insurance
coverwise travel insurance

Packing for your dream trip but feeling a twinge of anxiety? What happens if you have an unexpected cancellation? Or do you lose your luggage along the way? Before jetting off, it’s wise to safeguard your travels with a trusted provider like Coverwise Travel Insurance.

This UK-based specialist offers feature-rich policies to match your trip style and budget. Keep reading for a comprehensive spotlight on Coverwise, from coverage details to customer reviews and pricing insight. Discover why their protection helps travellers journey with confidence.

An Introduction to Coverwise Travel Insurance

Founded in 2002, Coverwise carved a niche in the UK travel insurance space through its exclusive focus on journey protection. By specialising, Coverwise honed in on the unique risks and needs of travellers.

Today, their partnerships with prominent insurers like AIG and AXA provide peace of mind that claims will be paid smoothly. Coverwise also prides itself on transparent pricing with feature-rich policies.

The Origins of Coverwise: A Specialist Takes Flight

coverwise travel insurance

Coverwise Travel Insurance entered the insurance scene in 2002, steadily carving a niche for itself in the UK market. Unlike general insurers dabbling in travel coverage, Coverwise focused exclusively on journeys. This specialisation allowed them to cater to globetrotters’ unique needs.

Over the years, Coverwise Travel Insurance forged partnerships with prominent underwriters like AIG and AXA. Access to these well-respected names in insurance means robust financial backing for claims. Coverwise now enjoys a reputation for competitive pricing and quality coverage.

Variety for Every Traveller: The Coverwise Policy Spectrum

At Coverwise, one size doesn’t fit all. They accommodate different travel styles with an array of policy options. Looking for basic protection for a quick city break? Or maybe you need ultra-comprehensive coverage for a multi-month international adventure. Either way, Coverwise has a solution.

Here’s a breakdown of what they offer:

  • Single Trip Travel Insurance: As the name suggests, this covers a solo excursion. Ideal for vacations, honeymoons, and bucket-list journeys.

  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance: For avid travellers who take multiple vacations per year, both domestic and international. Convenient coverage for 12 months.

  • Winter Sports Insurance: Tailored protection for ski trips, snowboarding getaways, and mountain adventures. Add-on options like ski gear cover.

  • Specialised Policies: Bespoke plans for cruises, golf trips, luxury vacations, over-65s, and more.

Coverwise goes beyond the standard options to accommodate all sorts of travel styles and needs. Their lineup has a solution for everywhere from quick weekend breaks to far-flung year-long adventures.

Peeling Back the Layers: What’s Included in Coverwise Travel Insurance

coverwise travel insurance

At its core, Coverwise Travel Insurance protects you from financial loss when the unexpected happens overseas. But what benefits are specifically included?

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Falls, injuries, and illness can happen, especially when adventuring off the beaten path. It cushions the blow by covering overseas hospital and treatment costs. Certain policies also cover dental expenses in case of emergencies.

  • Cancellation and Curtailment: Having to abort a long-awaited trip can be devastating. Coverwise offers cancellation coverage if unforeseen events derail your plans. This includes illness, injury, redundancy, jury duty, and more. If a trip gets cut short, curtailment cover refunds you for the portion you missed.

  • Baggage Protection: Lost luggage or theft can sink a vacation spirit. Coverwise helps you replace lost, stolen, or damaged bags and valuables like phones, jewellery, and electronics. Increased cover is available for high-value items.

  • Travel Disruption: Flight cancellations. Strikes. Quarantines. Coverwise cushions the impact of delays missed connections and interrupted itineraries. Additional accommodation costs are also covered in some cases.

  • Personal Liability: Accidents happen. Coverwise Travel Insurance covers the costs if you damage property or cause injury to others during travels. Legal expenses are covered too.

  • Optional Extras: Enhance protection with add-ons like gadget cover, adventure sports cover, golf gear cover, and more. Tailor to your trip.

Coverwise Travel Insurance also offers 24/7 global emergency assistance and optional add-ons like gadget cover. Their plans shield every step of your travels.

Coverwise Travel Insurance Reviews: What Real Travelers Say

Independent reviews reveal plenty of happy Coverwise customers. On Trustpilot, Coverwise Travel Insurance boasts a ‘Great’ rating of 4.5/5 stars. Here’s what travellers highlight:

  • “Super easy online purchase process. Got my policy documents instantly.” – Lucas T.
  • “Had to claim it when I broke my leg skiing. Coverwise paid quickly with no hassles.” – Sarah L.
  • “Affordable annual policy that has covered all my short Euro trips this year.” – Tom H.

The general agreement? Coverwise provides affordable, user-friendly protection. 

With its policies designed like building blocks, Coverwise Travel Insurance allows you to customise your coverage according to your travel needs. Simple, reasonably priced insurance for a little vacation? or maximum protection for a fast-paced international journey?

The primary Coverwise policy tiers are summarised as follows:

  • Standard Cover:

Essentials like medical costs, cancellation, lost luggage, and disruption of travel are covered under the base package. Perfect for thrifty, careful travellers.

  • Standard Plus: 

A step up with extras like gadget cover and cancellation cover for certain events like jury duty and work emergencies. We have added peace of mind.

  • Bronze: 

Enhanced protection limits, plus introductions of features like legal expenses cover. Good for more adventurous trips.

  • Silver:

Further increased limits and cover like missed excursions if you’re quarantined and emergency medical repatriation.

  • Silver Plus:

Additional benefits like cover if your accommodation provider goes bankrupt. Increased gadget cover too.

  • Gold:

Significantly higher coverage limits, 100% cancellation cover, and more included sports. Substantially more comprehensive.

  • Platinum: 

The VIP treatment. Includes scarcely offered benefits like green fees, hole-in-one cover, and increased cancellation and medical limits.

Along with these main plans, Coverwise offers tailored options. Coverage like ski pack reimbursement and avalanche closure costs for winter sports fanatics come standard. Cruise cover, golf cover, and over-65s plans provide targeted protection too.

Coverwise offers incredible flexibility to customise coverage and limits. More protection where you want it, without overspending on unnecessary add-ons. And with policies starting from £6, finding an option that fits your budget is easy.

Demystifying Coverwise Pricing: What Impacts the Cost?

With Coverwise, you can secure tailored travel insurance without mystery markups or hidden fees. But what factors determine your policy’s final price?

Destination Matters

Where you’re travelling plays a significant role. Higher-risk destinations like the U.S. or remote tropical locations generally cost more to insure than Europe. Coverwise considers the medical costs, crime rates, and trip risks based on your itinerary.

Duration Influences Price

Not surprisingly, longer trips equal higher insurance costs. A two-week European holiday has lower premiums than an open-ended backpacking adventure through Southeast Asia. Coverwise accounts for the increased likelihood of mishaps over time.

Age Impacts the Equation

Age is another pricing factor. Older travellers typically pay more due to higher risks of medical emergencies. Coverwise offers specialised over 65 policies to provide senior travellers with adequate protection.

Level of Cover Sets the Bar

The more comprehensive your selected tier, the higher the price. For example, a Standard policy costs less than a Premium cover jam-packed with additional benefits. With Coverwise, you only pay for the cover suited to your trip style and risk tolerance.

View a Customised Breakdown

The exact cost depends on how these variables intersect for your situation. Fortunately, Coverwise delivers transparency by providing a personalised price estimate.

Enter your trip parameters like destination, dates, age, and desired cover tier. You’ll receive a detailed quote breaking down each component – from medical cover to baggage fees. This empowers you to customise the policy to your budget.

Coverwise Claims Process: What to Expect if You Need to File

coverwise travel insurance

Despite best efforts, mishaps can still happen during international adventures. If an unfortunate event occurs, Coverwise Travel Insurance strives to make claims resolution as seamless as possible.

How to Initiate a Claim

You can quickly notify Coverwise of a claim by:

  • Filing online via their website claims form
  • Calling their 24/7 claims assistance hotline
  • Emailing the friendly claims team

Coverwise Travel Insurance will guide you through the information needed, like receipts and supporting documents.

Claims Handling Timeframe

Once Coverwise receives your completed claim and proof, the processing time is quite fast. Most straightforward claims get approved within 10 working days or fewer.

For more complex cases requiring investigation, it may take up to 28 days. The Coverwise team keeps you updated every step.

Getting Reimbursed

The payout depends on your policy limits and the excess amount chosen. Once approved, Coverwise Travel Insurance issues reimbursement quickly via bank transfer, PayPal, or cheque.

If your travel plans get derailed, Coverwise makes it as painless as possible to get back on track. Their smooth claims process means less headaches and more peace of mind.

Why Choose Coverwise for Your Travel Insurance?

When booking that once-in-a-lifetime getaway, Coverwise Travel Insurance allows you to focus on adventure – not worry. Their service prioritises:

  • Specialisation: Two decades of exclusive focus on travel protection. They speak your language.
  • Flexibility: Policies for every trip type and risk profile. Choose coverage that’s just right.
  • Reassurance: Time-tested partnerships with respected insurers. You can trust your claim will be paid.
  • Value: Extensive feature-rich protection at affordable costs. More financial protection for your money.
  • Ease: User-friendly website with instantaneous quotations. plus simple filing of claims.
  • Customer service: A supportive staff is available to assist you both before and after your reservation.

Nothing can ensure a trip without problems, but Coverwise Travel Insurance reduces anxiety by protecting your investment. They provide fast access to policies via phone and online, making travel peace of mind possible.

Are you prepared to entrust Coverwise’s reliable protection for your upcoming adventure? Obtain a free, quick quote and personalised coverage for your next travel destination. Good luck on your journey!


Reputable insurers like Mapfre Assistance and Lloyd’s of London provide dependable and reasonably priced coverage alternatives for travel insurance through Coverwise. Although Coverwise is not associated with AXA, it offers complete plans along with excellent customer support. To file a claim, get in touch with them right away, fill out the required paperwork, send in supporting evidence, and work with their claims team. All things considered, Coverwise Travel Insurance is a solid option for safeguarding your vacations.

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Is the trip insurance from Coverwise good?
Reputable travel insurance company Coverwise provides extensive coverage at reasonable costs. Their customer service is well-known and they have received favourable ratings from customers. To make sure they fulfil your unique needs, thoroughly review the policy details as the quality of their plans can differ.
Does Coverwise belong to AXA?
No, AXA does not include Coverwise. Several insurers underwrite the plans of Coverwise, an independent travel insurance provider.
With Coverwise travel insurance, how can you make a claim?

To submit a claim with Coverwise, you must do the following:

  • As soon as possible following the incident that calls for a claim, get in touch with Coverwise.
  • Fill out the claim form, which can be obtained via customer service or on the Coverwise website.
  • Present any required paperwork, including invoices, medical records, and other evidence of out-of-pocket spending.
  • Send Coverwise the completed claim form and any supporting documentation.
  • Throughout the procedure, collaborate with Coverwise’s claims team and supply any other data they might need.
Who is the underwriter of Coverwise?
Various insurers underwrite Coverwise insurance according to the particular plan and the place of purchase. They collaborate with insurers such as AWP P&C S.A., Mapfre Assistance, and certain Lloyd’s of London underwriters. The policy paperwork should specify who the underwriter is for a certain insurance.

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