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Honda Pilot For Your Personal Fun Drive- Specifications And Features

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Honda Pilot
Honda Pilot | Heybucketlist

The Honda Pilot is one such car that comes with the latest technologies, is full of space and is known to have versatile features. The Honda Pilot is a comfortable and durable midsize crossover SUV car for every family and long driver. If you are looking for something that can give you an affordable price range to buy this SUV then you can go to Cargurus, as they have a wide range to select your desired Honda Pilot. There are customers who are in dilemma about what advanced technology features are available in the Honda Pilot. So now we will be proceeding towards the features and specifications of the Honda Pilot SUV.

Key features and specifications of honda pilot

Key features and specifications of honda pilot
Key features and specifications of honda pilot | Heybucketlist

As the Honda Pilot is a three-row SUV known for its reliability, comfort, and performance, it has many key features that you can check out before buying it from the Cargurus-

All Wheel drive

Honda Pilot is available with the all-wheel drive mode that provides traction and stability in all weather conditions.

Powerful V6 Engine

Being an SUV, Honda Pilot has the powerful V6 engine that provides high acceleration and towing.

Spacious Interior

Honda Pilot comes with a large legroom, ample interior for the passengers in the first row. The second row seats can slide forward to give space to the third row passengers. And to give the cargo space the third row can be folded easily.

Honda Sensing

Honda Pilot comes with the sensing that suits the driver assistance making it more advanced, collision mitigation braking system, lane departure system warning, road departure system mitigation, and also adaptive cruise control. This makes this car the most demanding car for the family.

Safety features

There are a variety of features that are involved like anti-locking system, electronic brake distribution, and also airbags and tire pressure monitoring system to avoid uninvited accidents.


Honda Pilot is one of the most reliable SUV cars as it has a strong build body with durability. It is midsize SUV segments in the vehicle which makes it less likely to experience any sort of problems compared to any other SUV.


On the basis of performance Honda SUV engines come with the 3.5L V6 engines and the horse power of 285 and 262 lb-ft of torque. YThe acceleration rate is 60 mph in 6.2 seconds. So this premium Honda Pilot SUV comes with lots of power that can lead behind any other SUV on the highway. The towing power is a maximum of 5,000 compounds of capacity and is enough to tow any small boats, camper, and jet skis. The handling power is described to be comfortable and responsive due to the responsive steering and with the stability while applying the brakes.


While you are planning to get a used Honda Pilot you get a very affordable price for this SUV from Cargurus. You can also compare the princess with other SUVs and buy your desired Honda Pilot  SUV.

Honda pilot availability and price

Honda pilot availability and price
Honda pilot availability and price | Heybucketlist

So with Cargurus, you can buy your favorite and desired Honda Pilot at an affordable price range. You can check out the available Honda Pilot cars-

Honda Pilot Model Price Range
2023 Honda Pilot LX AWD


2022 Honda Pilot Black Edition AWD




2023 Honda Pilot EX-L 8-Seat FWD




2022 Honda Pilot Sport AWD




2023 Honda Pilot EX-L 8-Seat FWD




Is the honda pilot available in different trim levels?

Is the honda pilot available in different trim levels
Is the honda pilot available in different trim levels | Heybucketlist

Yes, Honda pilot is available in different trip levels and they are different trim levels that are as follows-

  • LX -gives features like rearview, bluetooth connectivity, and honda sensing
  • EX- has power sunroof, heated front seat, and blind spot information
  • EX-L- comes with leather seat, heated steering wheel, and power tailgate
  • Touring- panoramic sunroof, premium sound systems, and navigation systems
  • Elite- this one is the top tiered trim which consists of a ventilated front seat, heated second row, and wireless charging pad.


As we get to know much about the Honda Pilot SUV, you can prefer buying it from Cargurus. This Honda Pilot is one of the most premium and reliable SUVs that is preferred by families and off-road lovers. With the best safety measures, powerful performance and acceleration of the engine, and spacious interiors, you get the sensing systems. So if you are thinking of buying any SUV that comes with all the features and specifications, you can definitely go with the Honda Pilot. Also, if you are eager to know much more information about any car or Honda Pilot, you can definitely check out Heybucketlist about the history, specification and other features of the car.


Is the Honda Pilot suitable for off-road driving or towing trailers?
Yes, Honda Pilot is suitable for off-roading and towing trailers as it has trailsport trim specially designed for the fun  drive.
What is the fuel efficiency of the Honda Pilot?
The fuel efficiency of Honda Pilot is around 20 miles per gallon and 27 highway MPG. The average efficiency is estimated to be 23 miles per gallon on every model.
What is the interior space like in the Honda Pilot?
The Honda Pilot is an ideal SUV for 8 passengers. The interior is comfortable and spacious, with a large cargo area which makes it better for the family
What safety features are included in the Honda Pilot?
There are multiple safety features in Honda Pilot like honda sensing, vehicle stability, anti-lock braking system, airbags, etc. to protect the passengers.

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