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Shopify Vs Wix: Which Platform Offers Superior Features For Your Online Store?

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Shopify vs Wix
Shopify vs Wix | heybucketlist

Confused about which website builder to use for building your online store? We are sure you must have been the victim of Shopify vs Wix too! Both these online website builders are known to be the best in the business as they offer an array of features and functionalities to online vendors for creating and managing their online stores. The main confusion lies in whether you should pick Shopify or Wix to start building your online store! What if we say, we have made it a lot easier for you? In this blog, we have listed a few key pointers to draw significant differences between Shopify and Wix so the decision-making becomes easier for you and you can start building your store quicker without wasting any more time!

Major Pointers For Shopify vs Wix

Shopify vs Wix
Shopify vs Wix | heybucketlist


In terms of scalability, Shopify has its game stronger than Wix! You ask us why? That is because Shopify has been solely created for the purpose of online selling. The platform provides high-end solutions and superior benefits to sellers. Shopify lets your business grow with its powerful tools and solutions. It has the ability to handle high traffic volume, uptime, and more efficiently and effectively. You can optimise your webpages according to the SEO requirements while also using the powerful marketing tools that will help you grow your business to greater levels. The site speed makes a lot of difference for any e-commerce store. The comparison of Shopify vs Wix website speed ensures that Shopify sites load quicker and faster allowing you to increase traffic on the website and increase conversions too.

Unlimited website pages

When it comes to Shopify vs Wix, website pages that these website builders allow you to create are equally important. You are only able to construct up to 100 pages on your website when you create it with Wix. On the other hand, Shopify has no restrictions on that. You can create and add as many pages as you wish to your website to grow your business.

Professional looking websites 

Both Shopify and Wix offer tools to build professional-looking websites for users. Wix has 800+ templates which are all free and easy to use. Shopify only provides around 190 themes out of which only 12 are free to use. But what creates a difference is that all Shopify themes are fully responsive and highly optimised for both desktop and mobile. This means whether anybody views your website on desktop or mobile, the webpage will adjust itself accordingly allowing full readability and properly optimised interface. Additionally, Shopify offers a variety of navigation choices for its themes, which can assist you in focusing your search on a nice and helpful theme. 

Unlimited product listing 

Inventory management has been one of the major concerns for online businesses and how much control you are being offered is what matters when you think about Shopify vs Wix. Shopify and Wix both allow you to list a major amount of products but Wix has an upper limit of 50,000 products. Meanwhile, Shopify has no limits, you can list as many products as you want to. However, when it comes to adding product variants and options, Wix offers an advantage over Shopify by letting you choose six options with over 1,000 variants while Shopify only lets you select up to 3 options and 100 variants.

Multichannel Selling and integrations

When we talk about Shopify vs Wix eCommerce integrations then hands down Shopify wins! Wix offers only 500+ integrations while the other hand, Shopify has over 6,000 apps and integrations including Facebook, Walmart, Instagram, Amazon, TikTok, Pinterest, and Etsy to cater to all business functions and needs.

Multi-currency Payment Options

International shipping also requires you to provide multiple payment options for your customers and both Shopify and Wix understand that. Wix offers 70+ payment gateways while Shopify wins the race by offering more than 100 secure payment gateways. While Wix Payments is only offered in 15 countries, Shopify Payments is available in 22 countries worldwide. Shopify levies a modest transaction cost if payment methods other than Shopify Payments are utilised, however, Wix does not impose any fees on transactions made through other gateways.

Shopify vs Wix Pricing Plans

Shopify vs Wix
Shopify vs Wix | heybucketlist

Shopify and Wix both provide a variety of plans. Additionally, a free 14-day trial is available for all subscription options offered by Wix and Shopify. The Shopify vs Wix Plans and prices are highlighted below.

Shopify Plans

  • Basic Plan (For solo entrepreneurs) starts from $38/ month if you pay yearly 
  • Shopify Plan (For small teams) $99/ month if you pay yearly
  • Advanced Plan (As your business scales) $389/ month if you pay yearly
  • Plus Plan (For more complex businesses) US$2,300 USD /month on a 3-year term 

Wix Plans

  • Free Plan costs  $0 and lets you enjoy basic and limited features.
  • Light Plan (Get the basics) starts from $17/ month. 
  • Core Plan (Engage your audience) $29/ month.
  • Business Plan (Grow your brand) $36/ month.
  • Business Elite Plan (Scale your business) $159/ month.


Whether you should go for Shopify or Wix for building your online store should be your individual choice depending upon the various factors. After going through Shopify vs Wix, you can easily identify which online website builder can truly fit your requirements and budget. While Wix is easy to and is used for creating simple websites, Shopify offers more scalability and allows you to build easy to complex websites easily with its tools. You can start building your online store today by simply signing up at Shopify!

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Why do people prefer Wix over Shopify?
Wix has a more user-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans as compared to Shopify.
Why Shopify is considered the best online store builder?
Shopify is termed one of the best because it offers highly efficient tools and solutions for small businesses to scale their business and grow as much as they can.
Should I switch from Wix to Shopify?
Switching from Wix to Shopify will depend on the purpose of your business and your budget. You can further go through all the Shopify vs Wix parameters to conclude whether you should switch or not.

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