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Discover The Future Of Driving With The Electric Crossover SUV Tesla Model Y

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Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y | Heybucketlist

Nobody does electric like Tesla does, and who isn’t in the market for a Tesla? The Tesla Model Y is no exception either. Model Y has released many models since 2020 when it was first released. This electric powertrain has a myriad of features that make your ride smoother. In this blog, HeyBucketList will help you analyze if the Tesla Model Y is the right car for you.

Tesla Model Y Specs

Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h 6.9 sec
Top Speed 217 km/h
Electric Range 350 km
Total Power * 220 kW (299 PS)
Total Torque * 420 Nm
Drive Rear
Nominal Capacity * 60.0 kWh
Battery Type Lithium-ion
Architecture 400 V
Useable Capacity* 57.5 kWh
Cathode Material LFP
Pack Configuration 106s1p
Nominal Voltage 340 V
Charge Port Type 2
Port Location Left Side – Rear
Charge Power 11 kW AC
Charge Time (0->350 km) 6h15m
Charge Speed 57 km/h
Fast Charge Port CCS
FC Port Location Left Side – Rear
Fast Charge Power (max) 170 kW DC
Fast Charge Time (35->280 km) 25 min
Fast Charge Speed 580 km/h

Why Tesla Model Y?

Why Tesla Model Y
Why Tesla Model Y | Heybucketlist

Tesla the name itself

Tesla has been the go to brand for all electric cars. Tesla has improved the build quality with each new model it has introduced to the market. There has been a greater focus on improving technology, safety standards and luxury features. All the main components are already present in their architecture, so the transition to the new model is simple and hassle-free. The Model Y too carries the name of Tesla forward with its specs, which we will discuss further.

Competitive Driving Dynamic

Tesla Model Y offers an excellent driving experience with its strong frame and excellent acceleration. It can be accelerated from 0 to 60 miles per hour in mere 3.5 seconds, which is pretty faster than what most gasoline or electric cars have to offer.

It features dual-motor AWD to keep you stable on slippery roads with an impressive range of over 300 miles on a single charge which gives you the freedom to keep driving regardless of the distance. The car also features intelligent air suspension with Road Preview technology, giving you a better handling on uneven surfaces.

Money Saving and Tax incentives with Tesla

Money Saving and Tax incentives with Tesla
Money Saving and Tax incentives with Tesla | Heybucketlist

Tesla buyers can receive up to $7,500 in rebates and tax incentives in the form of federal, state or local credits. Add to that the fact that its batteries last up to 527 miles on a single charge, which current estimates are much longer than most rivals in the electric and gasoline world, as well as discounts for some buyers who meet the requirements. Certain criteria result in a reduction in refueling/charging costs. The autopilot also comes free of charge.

Tech Features And Updates

Tesla Y has an autopilot system available to enable semi-autonomous driving. Tesla has also improved an over-the-air update system where, instead of releasing a new, redesigned model year, updates are simply pushed wirelessly to the system on a regular basis. This means you have access to the latest developments,such as improved autopilot, battery management and other software updates, from time to time, without having to buy a new car every time you want something more. It also features a highly responsive 15-inch touchscreen with high image quality that allows for easy access to navigation, multimedia and vehicle controls. Voice control technology allows you to seamlessly control your car by asking questions and sending commands while driving!

Spacious Interior

Model Y offers impressive legroom and headroom, giving riders plenty of space to relax on long journeys. It also has plenty of cargo space in the trunk and front trunk, giving you the luxury of bringing everything you need with you on your next adventure. You’ll always be surrounded by luxurious amenities, including premium upholstery, a panoramic glass roof and four contoured seats for maximum comfort in the car. The intuitive center console puts all controls within easy reach so you can concentrate on the road.

Safety Features of Tesla Model Y

Safety Features of Tesla Model Y
Safety Features of Tesla Model Y | Heybucketlist

It comes equipped with dual frontal, side chest-protecting, and side head-protecting (curtain) airbags. Additionally you can also find a center airbag that adds another level of protection for front seat occupants in side impact collisions.

Advanced speed assistance systems (SAS)- Assists drivers in regulating their speed when the speed extends beyond a preset limit.

Lane support systems with lane keep assist (LKA)- LKA uses the information from the camera to detect technical markings and gauge the vehicle’s lane. If the vehicle steers out of their lane, LKA may gently navigate them towards their own lane.

Lane departure warning (LDW)- LDW comes with a flashlight indicator which helps the drivers detect if their vehicle has run onto an undeterred lane. This helps prevent sideways collison which is a common cause of road accidents.

Emergency lane keeping (ELK)- ELK is a heavy duty system which makes major steering changes in the vehicle if it detects that the car is about to run out of the roadway. They can actively apply brakes or change the steering to deflect any collision or accident.

Autonomous emergency braking- This feature applies administrative brakes in case of energies. Collisions are detected through sensors placed in the car which help it take necessary action.


Tesla Model Y stands up to the Tesla brand name and offers powerful performance and advanced features. The electric car has access to all the charging stations, with more than 40,000 superchargers provided by Tesla. The car comes with a lot of amenities that Tesla provides to its customers. Check out the Tesla Model Y on Carguru’s website and unlock good deals for a decent buy. To get more details visit Heybucketlist.


What is the 0-60 mph acceleration time for the Tesla Model Y?
Tesla Model Y takes around 3.5 seconds in its Performance trim to reach a 0-60 mph acceleration.
How many passengers can the Tesla Model Y accommodate?
Tesla Model y has the capacity to seat about 7 individuals at a go.
Is the Tesla Model Y available worldwide?
While it does have a broad availability, Tesla Model Y is not available worldwide.

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