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Buy Eco-Friendly Used Nissan LEAFUnder Your Budget With CarGurus

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used nissan leaf
used nissan leaf

Looking for a used Nissan LEAFand can’t find the best place from where you can get it, then you should go for CarGurus. Choosing to buy a used Nissan LEAF is more than a simple decision and a statement about a sustainable and inventive future of transportation. In this blog, you will get to know the detailed information that will take you to the world of electric highways’ twists and turns, and finding the mysteries and complexities that come with owning a used Nissan. So wear your seat belts and get ready for the voyage of the eco-friendly ride to search for your favorite used Nissan LEAFfrom CarGurus and their budget-friendly prices. 

Go For These Used Nissan LEAF Cars-

Here are a few available options that CarGurus is rendering to the used Nissan Leaf seekers

1. 2015 Nissan LEAF S 

2015 Nissan LEAF S 
2015 Nissan LEAF S

With a mileage of 42,089, front-wheel drivetrain, and 115 MPG, this used Nissan LEAF S from Cargurus is the best to buy for yourself. For the electric car lover, this car gives a battery charge time of 8 hours and an 84 ml battery range. The exterior is red in color and the interior with black color has automatic transmission and features like Bluetooth, heated seats, and steel wheels. 

2. 2021 Nissan LEAF SV FWD

With the best features like 19,625 mileage, front-wheel drivetrain, and 112 MPG, it is one of the best-used Nissan LEAFs provided by CarGurus. The 2021 Nissan LEAF SV FWD has features like alloy wheels, Android Auto, Bluetooth, car play, heated seats, and a navigation system. Other features include a battery life of 6 hours with 150 mi, ABS brakes, Adaptive cruise control, backup camera, blind spot monitoring, curtain airbags, driver airbags, front side airbags, parking sensors, passenger airbags, and rear side airbags. 

3. Nissan LEAF 2019 S FWD 

Nissan LEAF 2019 S FWD 
Nissan LEAF 2019 S FWD

With the eco-friendly feature and automatic transmission driving experience, this used Nissan LEAF 2019  car from CarGurus is the best when it comes to driving on the safer side. With a mileage of 112 MPG, has an electric fuel type with a battery capacity of 40kWh, charge time of 8 hours, and a battery range of 150 mi. For safety purpose, the features included are as follow-

  • ABS brakes
  • Backup camera
  • Curtain airbags
  • Driver airbag
  • Front side airbags
  • Passenger airbag

For entertainment purposes, this car also has Bluetooth and car play for entertainment during long drives. 

4. 2020 Nissan LEAF SV Plus FWD

This used Nissan LEAF SV Plus FWD 2020 is the best car you can have from CarGurus. With combined gas mileage of 105 MPG, 114 MPG, 94 MPG, and electrical fuel type, this car is the best eco-friendly option. The attractive metallic gray color makes the car look luxurious and elegant. For safety purposes, this car has ABS brakes, adaptive cruise control, backup camera, blind spot monitoring, curtain airbags, driver airbags, parking sensors, etc. car has extra interior features like alloy wheels, android auto, Bluetooth, car play, cold e=weather package, heat package, heated seats, navigation system, remote start, SE package and other packages. 

A few Tips To Check Before Buying A Used Nissan LEAF Car-

Here are some of the tips that every buyer or car lover should check before proceeding towards buying a car for themselves.

1. Check battery

The battery health of the car is an essential component for the Nissan LEAF. Examine the battery’s health and remaining capacity before purchase. Knowing its condition will provide you with information about the vehicle’s range and potential future costs. 

2. Verify charging infrastructure

Make sure your area has a place where you can charge your car’s battery as this car has an eco-friendly infrastructure of an electric vehicle. Having access to public charger stations is very important and convenient for longer trips and drives. 

3. Examine the models and year

Models from different years may offer different features and enhance the battery technologies. Always investigate and compare model years and check for the one that meets your needs and budget. 

4. Test drive the car

Drive the used Nissan LEAF extensively to check its overall performance. Keep an eye out for strange noises, handling, and brakes if they work properly. In addition, consider the vehicle’s range to ensure it matches your everyday commuting requirements. 


Purchasing a used Nissan LEAF has become easy with Cargurus and the people who wish and embrace electric transportation may find that purchasing a used Nissan LEAF is a rewarding option. You can make a decision after checking out the cars and get a test drive done for the car that sits well in your budget. You may make an informed choice from the above-given options for a used Nissan LEAF and some more from their official website. CarGurus is known for the best services they provide for the used car and that too under budget. So you can blindly rely on these cars and also for the confusion. 

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What to look out for when buying a used Nissan LEAF?
Consider the battery health before purchasing a used Nissan LEAF, since it has a huge influence on the electric vehicle’s range, and examine the entire maintenance history to verify the car has been well taken care of. 
What is the life expectancy of a Nissan LEAF?
The life expectancy of Nissan LEAFs is considered to be not more than 8 to 10 years. There are chances that proper maintenance, care, and repair can extend the life and longevity of the car. 
Are old Nissan LEAFreliable?
The reliability of a used Nissan LEAF is decided by factors such as maintenance history, accessories, servicing, and other general wear. While early models had a range of battery life limits, many owners have experienced good dependability for their used Nissan LEAFcar. 

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