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Malwarebytes vs NordVPN
Malwarebytes vs NordVPN | Heybucketlist

Choosing the right technologies to safeguard your online presence is crucial in the rapidly developing field of cybersecurity. In this article, you will learn about two industry titans and battle between Malwarebytes vs NordVPN how they provide different methods for protecting your online activity. NordVPN is an expert is offering private in offering private and secure internet access, whilst Malwarebytes concentrates on preventing malware and other online dangers. Come along as we examine the subtle differences between each, evaluating their benefits, drawbacks, and features to assist you in making an informed choice regarding digital security. 

Now let’s begin with what things they have in common and how much they are different to each other.

Comparison Between Malwarebytes vs NordVPN 

Comparison Between Malwarebytes vs NordVPN 
Comparison Between Malwarebytes vs NordVPN  | Heybucketlist
Comparison  Malwarebytes NordVPN
Ratings  Score of 7.8 out of 10  Score 8.4 out of 10
Product summary  Malwarebytes is a antimalware application for home and small business, which blocks viruses, malware, hackers, and malicious websites.  A VPN solution for individuals or small organizations with a restricted device count is NordVPN. It strives to provide consumer with speed and security through its global networks of 5100 servers.
Price  Malwarebytes privacy price is around $39.96 annually.  The annual price for NordVPN is around $11.95. 
Free trial  None  None 
Entry-level setup fee  No fees asked  No fees asked 
  • Real time
  • Easy to use
  • time protection
  • Simple and fast
  • Upload and download
  • Downloading speed
  • No free version
  • No pop up
  • No pro version
  • Difficult to configure
  • Long Time to connect

Now as it is clear the comparison between Malwarebytes vs NordVPN, let’s move forward to detailed information and see which one is good for your data protection. 

Features – Malwarebytes vs NordVPN 

Let’s see what features both these VPNs possess.

Malwarebytes VPN privacy

With real-time protection, malware scanning, browser protection, and ransomware mitigation, Malwarebytes is a complete anti-malware solution. Its major objective is to identify and eliminate harmful software from your devices so that they may continue to be safe from online dangers. 


Whereas NordVPN is one of the top VPN services is NordVPN, which is renowned for its strong encryption and privacy features. It ensures online anonymity by masking your IP address and encrypting your internet activity. NordVPN improves your online security and privacy by providing access to geo-blocked material and safeguarding your data when using public wi-fi networks. 

Price: Malwarebytes vs NordVPN 

Let’s see what price differences they both have and how much they cost.


Malwarebytes offers a range of price choices to suit different budgets. Basic functions are available for free, while premium packages start from $39 per year for a single device. 


Conversely, NordVPN has a range of subscription choices starting at $3.49 per month for a three-year plan. 

Malwarebytes vs NordVPN are both cost-effective options that accommodate varying user requirements and preferences. NordVPN concentrates on offering private and secure internet access, whereas Malwarebytes places more emphasis on cybersecurity and malware prevention. In the end, personal needs and preferences will determine which option is best. 

Strengths: Malwarebytes vs NordVPN 


It is a standout solution when it comes to detecting and eliminating malware, giving consumers a complete defence against online dangers. It provides peace of mind in an increasingly digital environment by protecting your devices from emerging malware strings with real-time security and frequent updates. 


With its extensive global server network and military-grade encryption, NordVPN places a high priority on user privacy and security. Users may browse anonymously and securely using NordVPN, protecting their online activity from snoopers and any dangers. When looking for strong safety and privacy online, this is the recommended option. 

Limitations: Malwarebytes vs NordVPN  

Limitations: Malwarebytes vs NordVPN  
Limitations: Malwarebytes vs NordVPN  | Heybucketlist

There are always some limitations that can be barriers to your protection and hence these two giants also have some of them.


Malwarebytes is an excellent tool for chasing malware and online dangers, but its emphasis on security may compromise the extensive privacy and security capabilities that NordVPN provides. Furthermore, Malwarebytes free edition lacks sophisticated features that are only included in premium plans, which reduces its usefulness for those looking for strong beyond simple malware protection. 


However, the main drawback of NordVPN is that it often has slower speeds or connectivity problems, which are especially apparent when connecting to servers that are situated in remote areas. Even with its vast server network and cutting-edge encryption techniques, users may occasionally see service outages that negatively affect their whole suffering experience, particularly while engaging in bandwidth-intensive activities like gaming or streaming. 

Customer Support: Malwarebytes vs NordVPN 

In this part, we will see how effective the customer support is of Malwarebytes vs NordVPN. 


With its extensive customer assistance, Malwarebytes gives customers access to a multitude of tools, including tutorials and FAQs. Furthermore, their ticket-based support guarantees prompt resolution of technical problems, assisting customers in efficiently navigating any obstacles they may have with the product. 


strong customer support is one of NordVPN’s strong points. It offers comprehensive FAQs and videos to help users with frequent questions. Their support system guarantees that customers will get timely, individualized help for any problems or questions they could have with the VPN service. 


Ending with the conclusion that Malwarebytes vs NordVPN are both useful tools for boosting internet security and privacy, users who are primarily concerned with malware detection and removal should use Malwarebytes, whereas those who prioritize encryption and anonymity should use NordVPN. The decision between both of these ultimately comes down to your own cybersecurity needs and preferences. So with the help of this blog, you get to know how much reliability these giants have. 

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Is NordVPN better than Malwarebytes VPN?
While Malwarebytes concentrates on identifying and eliminating malware threats, NordVPN provides strong encryption and anonymity for safe browsing, making them appropriate for various security requirements.
Is Malwarebytes VPN any good?
Malwarebytes VPN offers windows-only multi-hop and split tunneling capabilities along with basic privacy and security. Although there is only an annual membership option, the monthly investment is minimal.
Is anything better than Malwarebytes?
It is said that NordVPN is better VPN compared to Malwarebytes. It works on all type of devices and softwares which is why it is used worldwide.
Is NordVPN good for malware protection?
Yes, NordVPN is good for malware protection. It can easily block all the threat casuing malware to give protection against them.

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